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quote is that there were a series of phone call records stored from the washington, d.c. area code-- zip code, forgive me, and this was a glitch, essentially, because a switch missed read 202 for 20, which is the country code for egypt. we are allowed to collect a lot of records about foarp communications, but when you start collecting a lot of washington, d.c. phone records, it's another story. >> warner: now, had these violations been reported to the
crimes. and reading the tea leaves for 2016. i'm amy wolter in for gwen ifill. tonight on "washington week." >> the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government. amy: the president responds to the increasing violence in egypt. but how much influence does the u.s. have in the region? >> we violated our own rule of law by not calling it for what it is because our law clearly states that if it's a military coup then aid is cut off. they had the coup and we didn't do that. that's a blow to credibility. amy: the attorney general takes aim at those con victed of minor drug offenses. >> certain low level nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large scale organizations, gangs or cartels, will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. amy: and hillary clinton laying the groundwork for 2016. >> many americans are asking how do we ensure that the law continues to serve and belong to the people in a time when ideology and gridlock have paralyzed our politics? amy: but is this man conceding anything?
seguridad, fue mucho mÁs extensivo de lo que se reconocÍa, la Última denuncia del washington post, dijo que el espionaje violÓ reglas de privacidad que tenÍa el gobierno, lourdes meluza, cuenta por quÉ a veces parece que nada es secreto. >>> la agencia nacional de seguridad violÓ el derecho a la privacidad, y excediÓ su autoridad miles de veces, segÚn documentos del delator edward snowden, espiaron comunicaciones de estadounidenses, o de personas de interÉs extranjeras en este paÍs. a pesar de las negativas oficiales del gobierno segÚn un anÁlisis del washington post, la semana pasada, el presidente obama, anunciÓ reformas al sistema, y asegurÓ. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> tengo confianza en que no se han cometido abusos en el programa. asÍ y todo, una auditoria de la agencia obtenida por el washington post, identifica 2776 casos en un aÑo, donde sÍ obtuvieron, guardaron y distribuyeron comunicaciones contra la ley. el fracaso por falta de abierta vigilancia, dice un experto en derecho a la privacidad. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> el principal problema del programa es que es
majorities across all groups express little or no trust in washington. >> you need to have trust in government for the government to work effectively. >> good evening. perino. in the latest news about the nsa giving americans yet another reason to distrust our government, "the washington post" revealing that the nsa has broken privacy rules, thousands of times, every year since 2008. and the chief judge of the secret court that's supposed to police the government's spying program says that the court has limited ability to do its job. the nsa issuing this response, quote, when nsa makes a mistake and carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. congressman goudi joins us. thank you for being here on a friday evening. let me ask you. when you first heard of this news last night, were you surprised or in line with what you thought was probably happening? >> well, dana, i would like to tell you i'm still surprised when government disappoints and when there's evidence we can't
's a political problem that has to do with incredible polarization in washington. >> so it's a washington problem. do you think the economy would be doing better if washington had its act together a little more. part-time jobs, low-wage jobs, temporary service sector jobs. one economist described this to me as a bartender economy. is that what a recovery is supposed to look like, and can we keep a middle class strong and america the driver for the world if these are the kinds of jobs we're creating? >> no, that's not how the recovery should look like, and we are capable of so much more. and it's not just about the here and now, it's also about the fact that most americans feel for the first time that their kids' generation will be worse off than theirs. so two things that need to happen. one is at the macro level, washington needs to act on the three problems we have: insufficient demand, insufficient structure reforms, and we have to remove some debt issues. then at the micro level, we have to empower and enable incredible tale talent, and this is about retoor retooling and retraining. >> mark,
, expensive, and attacks on the system. the "washington post," for example, ran an article cently trying to make the case of former president george w. bush and his heart procedure as a cent example. if mr. bush visited a general intern nift practicing sound-based care, he would not have had cardiac testing. what value does a stress test have for an otherwise healthy 67-year-old? no study has shown that this examination improvens outcomes. follow-up test, only necessary, because of the initial unnecessary screening tests are usually paid for by medicine. further stressing our health care system. he's commending the efforts of the former president's doctors. dr. siegel, a profoefrs medicine at new york university's lamedil center. >> physicians should not be speculating wildly about facts they don't have. doctors doing, that oncologists saying he should have a colonoscopy, not a stress test. in um number one, he was having some symptoms and one third of all heart attacks occur in people with atypical systmptoms like h was having. number two, someone vigorously exercising is a candidate fo
. he is aligned with solutions. that lineve to have of thinking in washington dc. it comes to solutions, what do you think he offers to problems that in your mind exists? he addresses personal responsibility, which our country needs more and more. the -- makes people are a silly responsible. you can take a look at his life and past experience. he came from a poverty situation and is one of the most successful success stories in the united states. he would be a fantastic leader for us at this time. host: how did he come to your attention? every time he speaks he just reinforces in what i believe and have come to believe. he has common sense with his answers and thoughts. , as far as heon goes, he has appeared several times on this program. if you want to stay -- if you want to see things he's said or speeches he's given, i invite you to go to our video library. you can see our archive of what's available about the person. washington dc is up next, democrats line, anthony. caller: good morning. being a democrat i honestly believe hillary clinton is going always iood -- he has believe -- r
tonight. why, following on something tyler said, i keep a poster in my office in washington dc of my favorite movie, the shawshank redemption. i keep a poster there because it is about hope and suffering and survival and redemption. my favorite line in the movie is this, it all comes down to a simple choice. either get busy living or get busy dying. my friends, it is time to get busy living. i need your help. i want to hear from you. let's get to work. thank you very much. [applause] >> bruce braley, ladies and gentlemen. [applause] >> please welcome to the stage from the wingding committee, dean genth. >> good evening. that is some big shoes to follow. brand that other party that we know about, the democratic party respects and admires women throughout america. that is why it gives me great pleasure tonight to honor one of the greatest american female politicians with the beacon award. the beacon award was begun in 2008 and it was created to give an award to an outstanding nationallyatewide or who exemplifies the best of the democratic party ideals and values. 2008, it was awarded t
negotiations in washington between the israelis and palestinians, that's diplomacy. and when president obama and russian president vladimir putin and the chinese president meet in st. petersburg, as i think they will in a couple of weeks to talk about economic global problems, well, that, too, is diplomacy. and when president bush and president obama negotiated one by one free trade agreements between the united states and colombia and panama, that's economic diplomacy. when nations meet to fight climate change and try to eradicate trafficking of women and children and try to fight global drug and crime cartels, that's multi-lateral diplomacy. and when we move tons -- hundreds and thousands of tons of food aid to poor country where people are starving, like north korea, that's humanitarian diplomacy. so diplomacy encompasses those thousands of actions taken each day by governments like ours, by international organizations like the u.n., by nonprofit organizations like the gates foundation, to connect, connect countries, connect regions, connect towns around the world, connect, most important
in egypt, fox news analyst walid. the "washington post" reporting that two weeks before this military crackdown on the muslim brotherhood that the u.s. was close to striking a deal with the muslim brotherhood and egyptian military, they would strike down their encampments in exchange for promise of nonviolence by the egyptian military but it apparently fell through when the leader of the egyptian military rejected it. your reaction? >> it's amazing. i just heard the speech of the advisor who rejected this and said the muslim brotherhood rejected the solution because the only plan they have is return morsi to government. i'm not sure who got it right here. >> what is the strategy right now? >> leland said exactly the muslim brotherhood moving from the demonstrations, which was the case a few weeks ago to urban jihadi insurgency. to create spots inside cairo. the bigger story is not in cairo. it's across egypt. we know in the past 27 hours 62 christian centers have been destroy and burned down. police stations have been attacked. what the brotherhood are trying to do is create pockets a
their area. >> all hands on deck to say the least. we'll check back. thanks. >>> big question in washington right now -- fund health care or capitol hill? that is the question lawmakers are asking themselves this week. after still failing to reach a deal on how to keep the government running with only 45 days left to go until the october 1st deadline. it appears that both sides of the aisle agree the president's health care overhaul is the only thing standing in the way. elizabeth is live in washington with more details on this. >> reporter: well, lawmakers haven't given any indication they're planning an amicable resolution to the debt crisis upon their return next month, but as you mentioned the failure to compromise could lead to a partial government shutdown and therein lies the blame game, both parties pointing fingers during their address. democrats say the implementation is well on its way, americans are getting protections under this law that they didn't receive before, such as discounted prescriptions, contraceptive care, as well as the ability to compare plans online and even tax
as well. 78 on sunday in boston. there's the chance especially in new york city and in washington, d.c. late tomorrow. we could see an isolated shower but most of that should stay over the atlantic. alex. >>> thank very much for that. the nsa admits to some privacy violations so what will the president and congress do. . i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. >>> new today, a top official is pushing back against a report the nsa frequently violated privacy rules. the response comes after the washington post had documents released by edward snowden. thousands of times each year since congress g
of washington, d.c. prince george county. almost all white and now black -- >> bob is playing race card? >> i can get away with it. i'm a liberal and you're not so you can't. >> what is your point? >> i started by saying this before i was interrupted -- >> what you have to say -- bob, you have to be honest about what happened there. black families moved in the suburbs. they moved to get better schools to have a better economic future to try to make it a dynamic you're trying to say is not the picture. we have allowed the iner city full of single headed household. >> if i could finish my sentence. blacks moved out. so did ethnic groups like the polish and others that moved out of their ghettos in the cities. seeking middle class. they were on edge economically on whether they were in a position to afford to move to the suburbs but they had to, because the school system was terrible. you can blame the war on poverty all you want. the reason that post officeerty went up in america -- >> i don't want the war on poverty. we should end the war on poverty. >> eric: hang in there. >> we should end th
an update on the surveillance programs from carol leonnig of the "washington post." >> brown: the kepler space telescope, once used to search for earth-like planets, is crippled, and nasa says it can't be fixed. we explore its legacy and ask if it can still be used for scientific research. >> woodruff: under a pristine rain forest in ecuador lie more than 800 million barrels of oil. the country's president had asked the world to ante up in exchange for a promise not to drill, but that plan is being scrapped, as hari sreenivasan reports. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> ♪ just wishing i changed my ways... ♪ >> woodruff: and two men from two generations connected by a love of the blues are now collaborators on tour. we profile charlie musslewhite and ben harper. >> this is what the blues are supposed to do.. make you feel good. it's your comforter when you're down and your buddy when you're up. all purpose music. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support
side of washington and stockton. we generally support having four site stops. on this particular case we didn't feel it was safe because at the intersection and one bloke away there's 3 major construction projects that will be going on for several years. if the stop is on the far side it will create gridlock. we feel that further down the line open stockton that there was a variant to not eliminate parking but just to reduce the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to two wired lanes we think that's a better solution. there's no need to pick a fight by removing parking. and finally we want again to caution that implementing transit signal priority technology can be both a good and bad thing. in chinatown over the last 36 years we found that we always try to reach a balance with the different uses. and if buses always get priority it would create gridlock again. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i was given the privilege of speaking out of order so i'm not the person whose name appears after chin. i'm michael and i live on libl street. i'm an immigrant from the northeast coast.
in washington and new york, this will only happen maybe in october or maybe later. there are no fixed dates yet about the possibility. we in iraq do support the legitimate aspirations of the syrian people. freedom, democracy, self- determination. iraq has tried to adopt independent, neutral position. not to side with one side against the other, but to seek and to support a peaceful, democratic solution in syria. there is no somebody whatsoever with the ba'athist regime. in fact, at one time when we called the international community to hold the syrian government responsible for terrorist acts in iraq, we were the only voice, all of our allies and friends abandon us in abandoned us in that call. unfortunately, there are some who have called for iraq used to -- iraqis tovolunteer on both sides in syria and have used religious justifications on the basis of sectarian confrontation. but let me be clear -- the iraqi volunteers who are fighting on either side in syria do not represent the policy of the iraqi government in any way. they are opposed to the smuggling of arms to syria. the government of
. segÚn el diario washington post que cita como fuente una auditorÍa interna una agencia de seguridad nacional. que fue entregado por edward snowden. >>> segÚn este periodista del diario, encontraron que la agencia nacional de seguridad, no le reportÓ a nadie, incluso cuando encontrÓ violaciones que eran bastante significativas. segÚn los documentos obtenidos por el washington post, una auditorÍa del n ci realizado en el 201. hubo mÁs de 12.000 violaciones. violaciones en los ciudadanos que la agencia dice que no eran intencional. ejemplos llamadas efectuadas de la capital. cuando un error de programaciÓn confundiÓ el codigo telefÓnico de washington dc con el 20, el internacional de egipto. y este experto en seguridad. cree que la presiÓn de producir resultados genera los errores. >>> no creo que sea falta de vigilancia de los jefes de ellos si no, la rapidez que se necesita conseguir la informaciÓn para prevenir un desastre. >>> la semana pasada, el preside cola ro que el gobierno no tiene interÉs en espiar al ciudadano comÚn no obstante, el reporte pone en jaque a su ad
recently relocated to the pacific northwest. we're based out of portland, oregon, having left washington, d.c., the other washington. there is one institution i miss and i'll probably always miss, and that's the library of congress where i wrote this book and most of my three earlier books as well. but i know that quality of life and the quality of discourse, particularly civic discourse, will be greatly improved. [laughter] and i know, also, that benjamin franklin would be particularly pleased to know that i'm speaking here tonight, and he would commend this institution on its civic-mindedness. franklin was known as a projector, that is he loves social projects, and for him, as i hope to show you tonight, knowledge is an activity exemplified by the programs you have here at town hall. but i do have to say one thing, i think he would probably frown at the roman revival architecture. [laughter] again, as i hope to make clear, franklin was an implacable foe of classical learning and felt that it was a real weight around the neck of middle class and aspiring workers who wanted to get educated,
first lady from martha washington-ida mckinley. >> she was not happy her husband had been elected president. she never made it to washington. >> when he resigned, he and his wife and their family moved here to williamsburg. it was here that letitia tyler suffered a stroke. john tyler learned he was elected as vice president of william perry region william henry harrison. it is here that he became 10th president of the united states, so she learned she became the first lady. >> she had another terrible stroke, and her husband goes into morning, and then he meets another young lovely in her 20's. >> i think of her as the madonna of first ladies. she posed as a model at a time that was frowned upon, by all accounts was bewitching. >> there were 90 slaves, and they were her supervision. julia lobbied for her husband, and she supported him tremendously in everything she did. >> untimely death, a secret marriage, and outsize personality are stories of the women we examined tonight. good evening, and welcome to the season series of first ladies. william henry harrison was in office, and
for economic justice. he was trying to mount the poor people's campaign, and he called a meeting in washington -- in virginia, rather, and 124 ministers were invited, and guess how many came? none. and i think this is sort of emblematic of a sort of -- it speaks to the fiction of the church at large, black church at large as being the forefront of our struggle. so i'll just say this, the other problem is, though, in fact, it's not that until recently, the last couple generations, i think with my generation that we saw any significant critical mass of black biblical scholars, theological scholars who were able to cut through some of this dominationist dialogue, discourse that has permeated christiandom with the result that the black church too often is held in thrall to the same kinds of misreadings of jesus and the gospels that we see in white churches. not just the patriarchy. but the -- not the unwillingness, but the ambivalence about being political, seeing jesus as a political figure, a political activist who's concerned about political egalitarianism, economic egalitarianism. so these are
to their control of the house. nationally, however, it's a different story. jonathan allen is the senior washington correspondent with politico. sam stein is an msnbc contributor with "huffington post." jonathan that piece created quite a buzz. as i read it i said what's on the verge of the extinctiontion is the establishment of the republican party. >> yes they reported the morose mood among the establishmen in republican. you have social issues set in which the republican party has essentially alienated a lot of voters, hispanic voters, black voters, female voters. on the basic issues of governance you have a party that's threatening to shut down the government so it can defund obama care, the establishment doesn't library that but a lot of voice us of the party want to see that. or shutting down the government or let the nation default on its debt. any of those out comes is poor. >> this might not be evident in 2014 because all politics are local and in those hyper partisan districts for rs and ds republicans could have a very good year and give them a false since of bravado. >> those are the du
snowden and published by the "washington post" claim the nsa has broken privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times since 2008. the "washington post" also says an internal audit shows nearly 3,000 incidents in just one year. >> we definitely need more oversight. we need more public reporting. we need more transparency. it's no longer a tenable position for the nsa to say trust us. >> i totally reject those kind of claims. >> the head of the senate judiciary committee patrick leahy says since the nsa is not giving straight answers he'll open a senate hearing after the summer break. >>> now to the latest developments in egypt. it's been a day of rage. dozens of people were killed in confrontations with security forces. and demonstrators gathered by the thousands. the protests came just two days after egypt's military ruler ordered his forces to clear protest camps. at least 638 people were killed and 1,000 more were wounded. nbc's ayman moden reports. >> reporter: for the third straight night the government has imposed a curfew on the capital, cairo, and cities all
new steps to protect the public, "the washington post" reports that nsa leaker edward snowden provided proof of the nsa's record of breaking privacy rules thousands of times. the agency says these were mistakes, not willful violations of the rules, and the white house tonight says the documents show the nsa is catching and reporting its own mistakes. >>> still ahead on "nbc nightly news," an nbc news exclusive. we return to the mountains of idaho with the riders who gave authorities their big break about the kidnapping of hannah anderson. >>> and later, news of a secret revealed after decades of speculation about what really went on inside area 51. >>> we're back tonight with the first public appearance of hannah anderson since the california teenager was rescued in the mountains of idaho last weekend. and an exclusive first look at where she was found. hannah attended a fund-raiser for her family last night in san diego. friends saying she is grateful for the support. we know that the big break in the case came from a group of horseback riders who came across anderson and her abductor
news chief washington correspondent james rosen has the report. >> reporter: u.s. officials said the horrific spectacle of them firing on the protesters once again raise the specter of civil war in the world's most populous arab nation dealt a blow to them. they urged all parties to cease fire and resume dialogue. >> i presume that path is still open and it is possible, though it has been made much, much harder, much more complicated by the events of today. >> reporter: national security adviser susan rice has been briefing president obama during his vacation on martha's vineyard. his spokesman was pressed on whether theousster of the muslim government in july and its latest assault ominous limb supporters don't make it clear that they have staged a cow data coup de tat in egypt. the obama administration has tap-danced around it like fred astaire. >> what i'm trying to say to you is there are certain legal obligations that go with the definition of a coup, and it has been determined by senior foreign policy officials in this administration to not make a determination. >> we look
of us believe they are. >> jennifer griffin has brand new details from washington. jennifer? >> the may 2012 shoes violations in one year alone. nsa was monitoring phone records of washington d.c. 212 area code insure to that of egypt. they represented a minuscule percentage of nsa surveillance activity in a rare conference call. nsa whistle-blower edward now den provided the documents weeks ago. nancy pelosi said it is disturbing. >> the nsa has become a menace and the constitutional rights of americans are under broad assault here and the fourth amendment right to be search and seizure and these are under attack. >> the chairman of the house and senate and intel committees defended them and said the majority is unintentional and don't provide surveillance of americans. republicans law makers who proposed legislation believed that their legislation would have passed if new revelations had come to light then. healther. >> and turning now to the growing chaos in egypt. security forces storming the mosque in cairo and shots were fired inside out. there are hundreds of muslim supporters wh
at the mountain, the order was jefferson, washington, and lincoln. believe it or not, jefferson was on the other side of washington for 18 months. after 18 months of work, they just got done doing his nose, they're working on his mouth, and they ran into some bad rock. they couldn't carve it. there was only one thing to do. borglum had his men go up there, drill behind jefferson, pack it full of dynamite, and they blew jefferson right off the mountain. now, the order changed. they moved jefferson where he is today, that moved lincoln down further where he is, and now they had room to add theodore roosevelt. >> how much further? >> oh, not too far. got to go up the stairs, and we're gonna be there. >> how'd the workers get up here? >> well, believe it or not, it was a climb of over 760 stairs every morning from down by the studio, walk right up this way. and then in 1936, the upgraded train-car system would carry five people. so you got a free ride up in the morning, walked down at night. are you ready? >> all right, let's go. >> okay. >> on the way up, we passed the remains of an old pipeline. i
--if i was not at the national archives in washington, i was working in cambridge, and then i was in japan, initially on--as a fulbright research scholar in 1990-'91, i believe, and then i did extensive rewriting of the manuscript over the past three and a half years while at hitosubashi university in tokyo. c-span: do you speak japanese? >> guest: yes, i do. c-span: and you read it. >> guest: yes, i do. c-span: what advantage do you have in doing your research, because you read it and speak it? >> guest: well, you can interact with people and you can read the documents and must--over 95 percent of all the sources cited in the end notes are japanese sources. and that's one reason why, up to now, even the right wing, the nationalist japanese press, has been circumspect and careful in reviewing my book. c-span: because? >> guest: it's not so easy to criticize when most of the sources are japanese sources. i excavated and built on the basis of the fruits of half a century of japanese scholarship it was out there, most of the material was out there. it--it's true, after hirohito d
you work of a job without getting your hands dirty? >> forget washington. gerri: office politics can be dirty but the struggle for power existed you participate or not. how you play the game during advantage? we have career coaching and strategist. welcome to the show. with office politics people think is a dirty game but you cannot rise above the fray? >> no. it is nothing more than creating relationships or strategic alliances. regardless if you are in the office or a club for family or friends if exist everywhere. gerri: women in particular are reluctant because they think i will be judged on the basis of my work but if you were there you are participating. is a matter of how you play you are part of politics just by being there and oftentimes people feel is a dirty game and it does not need to be but you have to conduct yourself in a way that focuses on getting the job done to form a strategic alliance and forming relationships. >> but then people missed the of bigger point judge ito relationships with co-workers you have to judge that as well. >> absolutely. >> that mr. >> nobod
.j. crowley, a fellow at the george washington university institute for tkhreupt seu and global communications. just your reaction to what we're seeing. the violence. look at the pictures that richard engel brought to us. people brought into morgues, declared dead, boom, they're moved out. it's horrific what we are seeing. >> well, egypt is moving backwards. in many respects, while the players shifted on the field, we're back to where egypt was in january 2011 or even before. obviously the military's reasserting itself, cutting the muslim brotherhood down to sizement it's hard to see whatever emerges from this will be different. but it will hardly be the in exclusive democracy that, for example, the united states has aspired for egypt. >> so the president breaks a vacation, makes an address from martha's vineyard on thursday. talk about what he said. are we doing the right thing? are we doing enough? >> i would have called it a coup six weeks ago. in terms of democracy in the middle east has been -- that credibility has been lost. that said, the united states is going to have influence only on
up the national budget over funding for obama care. we're live in washington with the latest on the showdown. >>> and the cost of raising kids these days. the startling new figures. plus, what you can do to help your family save some money. >>> but first, a fox news alert. new blood shed in egypt. it is plunging deeper and deeper into chaos. a live look now in cairo where the government and islamists appear to be digging in for a very long fight. at stake, control of the most populous country in the arab world. and in the heart of cairo, a house of worship becoming the latest front in the battle for egy egypt. earlier today, government security forces storming a mosque after a 24-hour standoff with hundreds of pro-mohamed morsi and muslim brotherhood supporters who had barricaded themselves inside. lee lands is liland is live in bureau. what's the latest? >> reporter: gregg, it very much seems what started as a protest in egypt h an armed insurgency. of we want to get back to the video of the mosque you were talking about, it's right next to a police station the muslim brothe
washington post." which is how we know about it. >> clayton: yesterday, john delong, i love this. he is the director of compliance with the nsa. held a press conference with reporters to try to go over some of these concerns and basically saying that, look. mistakes were made but we have a zero tolerance policy. listen to john delong. he says this: nsa has a zero tolerance policy for willful misconduct. none of the incidents that were in the documents released were willful. no one at nsa thinks a mistake is okay but those kinds of reports are designed and generated to make sure we understand when mistakes occur. ' so willful. i like this. so this idea that we didn't willfully grab any of this stuff. what i find so hypocritical about this is the very technology they are using does this. they know that the technology he they are using captures all of this information. when he they built and put this technology in place. that was willful. so this is a lie. >> alisyn: a lot of it is human error as we now know. the reason these things came to light by the way was because of edward snowde
, around it's because of something coming out of washington. that's at the bottom of the hour. but the clock kicking on kids moving back in. now we know when to tell them, get out! [ bottle ] okay, listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes. [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. i see you, cupcake! uh-oh! [ bottle ] the number one doctor recommended brand. ensure®. nutrition in charge™. >>> coming up, the kits are back, in your home. but a new study showing parents when they should kick out the kids. >>> you know, zombies are like adult kids living at home. but they just keep coming. the number of such kids moving back in with their mom and dad, now at a record high. so when do you kick them out? according to a new study, parents think that they should give their kids the heave-ho five years aft
be felt around the world. joining me now from washington to talk about the implication is jonathan allen senior washington correspondent for politico, julie mason, host of the press pool on sirius xm. here in the studio steven clemmons washington editor at large for the atlantic. big thanks to all of you for being with me on a saturday. i want to start with you here, steven, because we just heard from kristen about egypt. one of our best friends in that region for decades now. for john q. six-pack at home watching right now, explain in the simplest of terms why this matters, why this is so important for america. >> because egypt is an 80 million person country that's one of the true states that's been around for thousands of years. when you think about history, it sets the temperature for the middle east, north africa region. it is a vital ally in terms of our relationship with israel and in terms of having been a traditional anchor of stability that supported u.s. interests in the region. so we are in a situation now where the government has taken abhorrent steps, killed nearly a thousa
, the washington era area code. things like this happen. they're not delivered. >> easy, that's what i've been saying is the real problem with the nsa or any other agency of the government collecting all of this information. when they do that it's in their data bases. the wrong base for the long terms in gets a lot of information by u.s. citizens. so, for example, using wild cards, what to call wild cards, if that type in 20 to start to get everybody in the 202 exchange in washington. that's like a massive collection. neil: then they say oops after words. i did not mean to do it. the damage is done. >> of rht. neil: thank you for clarifying a lot of the stuff. were they going to discover next? katrina pearson, that's your biggest fear. >> well, absolutely. and what we do with the american people? to we continue to allow this intrusion and abuse? absolutely not. 2014 will be an astounding time for people to stand up and speak out against these types of abuses because if you look hard recently representative justin a mosh proposed an amendment to the fund the specific portion ended narrowly fail
on tape during a bank robbery in washington state. >> that's right, good samaritans came to the rescue, stopping the thief and holding him until the cops arrived. tai hernandez is here with the story. these are some brave customers, tai. >> they were never in personal danger but it did it anyway. they were determined to stop an alleged robber who was armed. this morning, an exclusive look at the moment a bank heist goes horribly wrong for this alleged robber. wearing a towel and carrying a picnic basket, the suspect enters the wells fargo branch in everett, washington, demands money, and makes a run for it. hot on his heels was one of his victims. >> he sn't looking where he was going, he ran into the side of my vehicle. there was money flying everywhere. >> tracy fry sprang into action. >> i could hear people yelling to stop him. i pulled the truck up and blocked him. >> more witnesses joined in and pinned the would-be bandit down. >> we've got somebody that looks like they were stealing something and a bunch of guys tackled him. they've got him on the ground. >> fry, an army veteran,
mnormas de seguridad desde 2008, el washington post dijo que las violencioas van desde la el uso no mautorizado de datos sobre más de 3 mil ciudadanos de estados unidos, además de eintereceptación de llamadas telef'ponicas y violación de correos eklectrónicos. >> los opositores dicen que los ajustes al medicare mno son necesarios porque la economía ha mejorado. >> el centro de cuidaod infantil además de estar inmsalubre tenñía cuchillos al alcance d elos niños y además tenía fecas de ratones, la directora de 51 años fue arrestada. >> las nuevas isntalaciones del juseo de ciewncias interactiva que abrió el pasado 6 de abril tuviereon entre 3 mnil y 4 mil espectadores,debiendo despedir a empelados porque estaba proyectado que recibiesen entre 5 mil y 7 mil visitantes diarios. >> un temblor de 5,3 se reportó en méxico, sin ningún daño hasta este momento, en el estado de guerrero se reportó el epicentro. >> la l'ñinea aeroméxico ha desatado polémica al contratar modelos para sus comerciales, pero solicitando a "nadie moreno", la agencia saliñó a pedir discul,p
to the national gallery of art in washington, d.c. and i was walking through the gallery and i got totally photo happy taking these pictures of clouds. and i realized that i needed to self-curate and refine it because when i was flying home to san francisco i was taking pictures of the clouds outside of the window of the plane and i thought that i just need to synthesize this and i did a little bit of looking around of what other art historians have said about clouds and land scapes there is a wonderful series called the met connections and the met museum of art has created this of talking about themes or other ideas that have to do with their permanent collection and of course, what did determine the european paintings department and assisting in nothing other than clouds. so i am in pretty big company here trying to talk about 550 years of clouds and art. but i will do my best in 15 minutes. i also found out in talking about clouds and conversation with other curators that there was an exhibition of the center for british art that existed the work of a man named mark lenard who was a painting
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